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  • Revenge of the Worms?

    It's been a while since we've had a massive worm outbreak, but the potential for such an occurrence has increased significantly over the weekend with word that a wormable exploit has been made available for the recent animated cursor vulnerability in Windows. Microsoft has issued several status updates over the past few days via the Microsoft ...
    Posted to Talking Out Loud with ASB (Weblog) by Logik! on April 2, 2007
  • Windows 2003 SP2 Oddities

    The Second Service Pack for Windows 2003 (both x86 and x64 editions) and for XP Professional, x64 Edition was released without much fanfare a week ago.  There was initially some controversy in the Release Notes which suggested that one would need to uninstall IE7 prior to running the update, and then reinstall it, but that was cleared up ...
    Posted to Talking Out Loud with ASB (Weblog) by Logik! on March 19, 2007
  • Oracle's Patch Updates

    October 2006 is going to be a major month for Oracle.  First, the database and middleware powerhouse has made some significant changes to its patch management process. Secondly, it released its quarterly set of database and application patches on October 17th.  The full list of patches is available on Oracle's website, but interestingly ...
    Posted to Talking Out Loud with ASB (Weblog) by Logik! on October 18, 2006
  • Internet Explorer Patch Re-Released

    Yesterday, Microsoft re-released security bulletin MS06-042 because the original release introduced a buffer overflow condition for some customers. Everyone is advised to get the new update, because the buffer overflow is exploitable.  Just one example of the cure being at least as bad as the disease, if not worse. To top it off, ...
    Posted to Talking Out Loud with ASB (Weblog) by Logik! on August 25, 2006
  • Patch Day August 2006: 12 Vulnerabilities to be Patched

    Microsoft has announced that there will be approximately 12 vulnerabilities patched starting on August 8th, aka Patch Day. 10 of these are Windows vulnerabilities, and 2 of them are Office vulnerabilities.  Time to get your testing and deployment procedures for patches in effect...
    Posted to Talking Out Loud with ASB (Weblog) by Logik! on August 4, 2006
  • Apple releases new patches for 26 security flaws across its product line

    On August 1st, Apple Computer released Security Update 2006-004 to fix 26 security flaws, some of them with high exploit potential, in their product line. Here is a snippet from the IT Week posting. Apple patches 26 security flaws - IT Week: Apple has released a ...
    Posted to Talking Out Loud with ASB (Weblog) by Logik! on August 2, 2006
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