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  • Suggestions on the future of the Knowledgebase

    Should I port the contents of the UltraTech Knowledgebase to a Wiki, or into the Forums? Or something else?  Inquiring minds want to know... Please participate in the follow poll, and let me know your thoughts. [Poll]
    Posted to Feedback & Suggestions (Forum) by Logik! on November 2, 2006
  • Some Additional Changes are coming...

    We're almost finished with the basic layout of the website.  There are just a few more Community Server modules that need to get installed, first and foremost of which is the Community-Credit module.  I'm not sure why, but I have spent a whole lot of time getting this one module to be able to run on this site, and so far, there have been ...
    Posted to Announcements (Forum) by Logik! on August 25, 2006
  • Providing Internet Connectivity Through A Shared Connection

    Providing Internet Connectivity Through A Shared Connection These days, there are many homes with more than one computer, and most of these computer users are going to want to all of their machines to share their Internet connectivity.  If you are one of these users, then following the guidelines below will enable you to configure a ...
    Posted to Networking (Forum) by Logik! on August 10, 2006
  • The *New* and Improved UltraTech Knowledgebase is coming to town...

    Very soon.    That's the plan, anyway.  And it will reside in these forums. No matter what, the and links will continue to function for quite some time. More news to follow.   First, I need to upgrade my forum to version 2.1 of Community Server.  ...
    Posted to UltraTech Zone Announcements (Weblog) by Logik! on August 6, 2006
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