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August 2009 - Posts

We Have Found the Enemy -- and It Is Us
I just finished reading a provocative Computer World article about the PCI compliance process, entitled “Will the Real Enemy of Security Please Stand Up?” , and it highlights a common misconception about the role of auditing and auditors in the compliance Read More...
Disappointment with Telligent
A few years back, I went out in search of a .NET-based forums product and found the then-awesome CommunityServer application.  I built a couple of corporate intranet sites on the platform, and then built a new personal site for myself on it. The Read More...
The Power of Appreciation
All too often, we fail to value the power of seemingly little gestures and acknowledgements.  As a result, we lose much of what brings joy to relationships. This past week, I rejoined the NTSYSADMIN mailing list (sponsored by Sunbelt Software ) after Read More...