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Short Takes for April 2009

It’s only the second of April, and already I’m dealing with chaos.   And not the kind I expected, either.

We’ve all been waiting for Conflicker to do something this month, but so far, nothing has occurred.  This is not a bad thing, mind you, as long as we realize that we need to be equally vigilant about all subsequent threats.  Chances are, though, that the general public will think that it was all pointless and get hit by the next big one.

On the other hand, today, I experienced a brief service disruption of my web-host provider because the credit card information on file needed to be updated, AND I the email address on file is one that I only look at occasionally. Thankfully, they were able to restore service immediately after I made the changes!

Oh, and I seem to be getting a cold.  I don’t generally get those (I’ve averaged less than 1 per year for the past 3 or 4 years now), and so I had forgotten just how annoying they can be.

I’m juggling some very tight project schedules for April and May 2009, and the planning sessions are getting intense.  Fun, fun.  (Actually, I live for these.)

I didn’t make any real progress on the upgrades of my home network in 2008, but I’m going to rectify that this year.  More on that later.  I also have some plans for website upgrades as well, using Graffiti and a .  I’ll be using both of these at work, too.   And I am on the hunt for a server-based antispam solution that I can use at home for multiple domains that is both free and effective (yeah, I’m asking for a lot here).

The cooking class will resume this month, btw.  I just need to complete some more editing to get it down to a sub 45-minute timeframe.

Lots to do, and I need to sleep off this impending cold, lest my weekend get wrecked.  :)


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Posted: Thursday, April 02, 2009 9:45 PM by Logik!


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